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If your order is more complex, or you need some help, feel free to request a quote below. If you require multiple items, eg t-shirts and hoodies, please just add what you require in the Extra Information box, rather than creating multiple quote requests.

To ensure that we provide you with screen prints to the highest standard, we need to ensure we have the correct files before the job can begin. It is important to ensure the artwork you are supplying is either the size it is going to be printed or larger, otherwise if we have to enlarge a smaller file, detail can be lost. See below the file types that we accept when setting up your job to be screen printed.

Vector files are our most preferred type of file when setting up a screen print job. The reason for this is the file can easily be made larger or smaller without compromising the quality of the artwork. It is important that you or your designer doesn’t just save other images or designs like JPEG’s in a vector file, it’s important that the design and any text in the design has been expanded to outlines.

– Adobe Illustrator Files (.ai)
– Vector files that are saved as .pdf or .eps (ensure all artwork and text has been expanded to outlines)

Unaccepted Files
We cannot accept the below files because they do not have enough information saved within them to screen print from. If
– Microsoft Word Doc
We have an expert in-house design team that can help create your artwork from scratch or redraw your current artwork if it is not currently saved in the correct format. Any design assistance we provide, we charge $60 an hour.